Feed in Tariffs for Solar PV

How it works

If a consumer uses 4000 units of electricity per year at an average cost of 15p, The cost of the bill would be £600

A 4.0 KWp Solar PV electricity system might typically generate 3200 Units during a year. Experience suggests tthat about half of this electricity will be used on the home and half exported to the grid.

Payments to the customer would be:

- Feed in Tariff (21p Per unit generated) 3200 Units @21p £672

- Export Tariff (3.1p Per unit transported) 1600 Units @3.1p £49.60

- Savings on 1600 units generates, out of 4000 consumed, 1600 @15p £240

This reduces the cost of the annual electricity bill to £360 and with the tariffs included produces an overall profit of £361.10