Solar Thermal

Solar energy is clean, safe and free. It is environmentally friendly and provides no waste or pollution and it makes no noise and uses very little energy. The sun radiates enormous amounts of energy to the earth. Many people believe that solar panels only work in summer, however this free energy is available all year round. Solar collectors operate not just with direct sunlight but with diffused sunlight so they even perform on cloudy days.

A solar thermal system can be used typically to provide all of your hot water required during the summer months and a good proportion throughout the rest of the year. It can also be used to support space heating systems (Radiators and underfloor heating). Solar thermal can be linked to wood burning stoves, biomass, existing oil and gas boilers and heat pumps. Solar thermal can also be used to heat swimming pools.

Solar Panels are available in two types

Evacuated tubes or flat plate collectors installed on your roof to harness the energy of the sun. A heat transfer system is installed to bring the heat from the roof collectors to a storage cyclinder. A solar thermal system requires little maintenance and can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 350kg per year.