Heat Pumps

Our environment is full of energy. Even at sub zero temperatures there is plenty of energy available.

Heat pumps use conventional refrigeration technology to extract the suns energy stored in the environment and raise it to a temperature suitable for heating and hot water purposes.

Air source heat pumps utilise the outside air as their energy source. Heat pumps can even extract heating energy from the outside air at temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees centigrade.

Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the earth all year round via closed loop heat collectors buried beneath the ground.


Built to Last

Powerful, safe and reliable.

The ‘heart’ of the heat pump is the Copeland scroll processor, providing high levels of efficiency, reliability and low noise operation.

Always in control.

The WPM heat pump manager monitors, regulates and controls the entire system to ensure optimum performance and efficiency for heating, domestic water and where applicable, cooling.


Large surface area plate heat exchangers allow for efficient transfer of heat from the environment. They are compact, efficient and reliable.

Insulated casing.

Sound insulation around the insides of the heat pump casing reduce operating noise to a minimum.

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